Cute Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

Easy Luncboxes for packing healthy meals on the go. -

This is an exciting day at the hive! Our Easy Lunch Boxes have arrived!! Woohoo!

You might have thought that I was about to tell you we won the lottery or something wonderfully fabulous like that.

It feels like I did!

And let me tell you why.

I feed Honeybee about a billion times a day. And I’m tired.

Since we deal with food allergies, anytime we must be away from home, we pack a cooler with drinks and snacks. There is no such convenience as fast food for us. That has turned out to be a very positive influence in the foods we eat and our overall health. Easy Lunchboxes are easy to load with a Sunbutter and jelly sandwich on Udi’s gluten-free bread. Throw in some carrot sticks and fruit and we have lunch!

Another reason I need to simplify lunches is that the girls will begin Classical Conversations coop classes next week where I will be a tutor and we will all need lunches that are easy to pack and that we can throw in a cooler as we zoom out the door while rubbing the sleep from our eyes.

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Also, we will be hosting a foreign exchange student who will need a school lunch at her public school.

Do you see why I’m so excited now? Easy Lunchboxes are quite possibly saving my sanity! That’s cause for a celebration!

Party at the hive!

I’ve been doing a bit of searching to come up with gluten-free and allergy friendly easy lunch ideas for kids so we don’t end up being thoroughly bored with our lunches midway through the school year. In order for our exchange student to have a favorable impression of American food, I feel I need to step up my game.

I made this handy-dandy printable to keep track of what make and when since we all will be pitching in to make this work.

Free Meal Planner printable for Lunches. -

Download the Free Printable!

Printed on white cardstock and laminated, this chart becomes a handy dry-erase meal planner.  Attached to the inside of the pantry door is the perfect spot to keep everyone in the loop.

For some lunch time inspiration, we have food that looks like cute animals.  Do you have a tiger fan in your house?  There’s a bento for that!

tiger bento

How about Dr. Seuss, the original rapper?  There’s a bento for that, too.

Or Olaf?


This Rilakkuma bear is too cute to eat!

I can’t go on!

Browsing around the word wide web has left me speechless. I’m in bento love and I don’t care who knows it!

Do yourself a favor and get your own Easy Lunchboxes!  Your sanity is a precious commodity!

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  1. Those boxed lunches are so much fun! We pack everything too. Eating out places usually makes someone sick. Cooking at home is just easier. Great post. Cheers, Koko


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