Easy Breakfast Smoothies

Supercharge your mornings with this easy and quick energy smoothie.  - thesimplehive.com

Just about every morning for the past 12 years, I’ve had a green smoothie for breakfast.  When I was running the rat race in Big D, my smoothie saved me from crashing and burning when Lunchtime was so sporadic that I sometimes had to rename it Early Dinner.  Although I am no longer spending my life in traffic, I still rely on my morning smoothie to help me out in the trenches of Homeschooling.

It’s a jungle in here, folks.

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I know there are a bazillion protein powder supplements on the market, but I always seem to come back to Source Of Life by Nature’s Plus.  I have tried other easy breakfast smoothies and this is the easiest I’ve found.  No veggies to peel, chop or juice.  If you have an ancient blender like mine, there’s no need to mess up a blender pitcher either.  Just place the blender gasket and blade on the top of a regular canning jar and secure with the blender ring.  If you have a NutriBullet, use that.  If you have an extra NutriBullet lying around, I am currently accepting donations.  I’m all about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, folks!

Moving along.

Easy green smoothie - thesimplehive.com


Some carrot juice, a scoop of powder and a teaspoon of Matcha green tea powder is my favorite way to start my busy, math-filled day.

I’m a party animal.

Easy energy smoothie loaded with veggies and matcha green tea. - thesimplehive.com


The energy powder is gluten-free and vegetarian.  It is loaded with bioflavanoids, enzymes, herbs and spirulina.  I prefer carrot juice as the base of my morning smoothie, but I have been known to substitute orange juice in a pinch.  Depending on the juice you choose, the color of your smoothie will vary.  Greenish is the usual outcome.

Combined with the health benefits of Matcha green tea, this smoothie is instrumental in jump-starting my day and in keeping me operating smoothly.

That’s me.  Smoooooth operator.

Giant dork.

Try it and tell me if you notice a difference in your mood and energy levels.  Or, please feel free to tell me your own favorite protein powder in the comments!