Teen Girl Spa Party

Spa Party for a Teen Girl - the simple hive

Two months ago, I was temporarily insane and agreed to letting my teen-aged daughter have a slumber party for her birthday.  Not only did I agree to the sleepover, but told her I would make all the party favors and goodies.  The goal was for the party to be fun, but also budget-friendly.  She agreed to help, so we plunged head-first into party-planning mode.

First, we needed a theme.  We decided on a spa party, or as I like to call it, a spaaaahhhh party.  I’m cool like that.

After searching for invitations and finding nothing ready-made that she liked, she decided to make her own.  As a friend said, “That apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”  Using blank notecards, pre-cut tags and a rubber stamp, she created a very spa-like invitation with a little bling, of course.

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For the cupcakes, she insisted on buying them from the bakery.  It did not break my heart.  She did fancy them up a bit with some purple sugar sprinkles and aqua polka dot cupcake liners.  I think she did a fabulous job!

Spa Party for a Teen Girl - the simple hive

In keeping with the DIY spirit, the cupcake stand is made from a collection of bowls and plates.  For table decoration and party favors, we filled a large bowl with colorful body puffs.  We made fizzy bath cookies and muffins and packaged them in cellophane.  We placed mani/pedi kits, sleep masks, and lip balm on the table for pretty, yet practical decoration.  Of course, we had to have some chocolate at the party and gluten-free and vegan coconut sugar cookies.

Vegan and gluten free coconut sugar cookies - the simple hive

We wanted to girls to be involved in making their spa goodies.  I printed out recipes for a lavender-mint sugar scrub and lavender-mint bath salts for them to follow.  I decided to stick with all the same scent to keep it simple.  We packaged the bath salts and scrubs into small jars
and used round labels placed between the lid and metal band.  We printed the label on card stock, centered the lid over the circle and drew around it.  We cut out the circle and placed it on top of the lid and secured it with the canning jar ring.

bath salts - the simple hiveDownload the printable PDF for labels.

We sewed a sleep mask for each of the girls using a very simple pattern and fabric scraps.  It only took a couple of hours of sewing to complete them all.  Teen Bee made little tubs of strawberry and butter cream lip balm using a vegan lip balm base and pink colorant.

Spa Party - the simple hive

The girls applied their own simple facials using French green clay and water.  When they began laughing, they caught a glimpse of their future old-lady selves as their masks wrinkled and cracked.  It was priceless!

The party was a huge success.  The most amazing thing about the whole party, other than the fact I survived it, was that we had 8 teen-aged girls under one roof and there was no drama!  None!  It’s nothing short of a miracle!

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