Crochet Cupcake and Flower Dishcloths

Cupcake crochet and flower dishcloths - the simple hive

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While perusing the yarn aisle at my local craft store, I happened upon a free crochet pattern for a cupcake dishcloth. The sign said “Take One”, so I did, because I always do what I’m told. Yep.

Then I got home and promptly put it away and completely forgot about it until a few weeks ago when I woke up with an excruciating pain in my foot. The first step out of bed and a severe pain in my foot told me I wasn’t going anywhere.

Because I have a difficult time not doing anything, I shuffled and crawled over to the yarn bag and came across this pattern by Twinkie Chan.  I grabbed my yarn and went to work

I think the name Twinkie Chan is partly why I decided to work up the pattern. With a name like that, surely it would be cute!

And it is!

crochet dishcloth fuschia green

As with real cupcakes, after I made one, I wanted another. Or three.

coral aqua red purple crochet potlholder

But why stop at cupcakes?  Some flowers would be nice, too.

flower crochet potholder

Or maybe both for giving as a gift?

orange fuschia flower potholder

red turquiose crochet cupcake potholder

These are too cute to use as dishcloths, you say?  They double as a potholder!  Use these to place a warm, not hot, bowl on to protect surfaces.  The flowers are a perfect size for holding a warm bowl of soup.

So, the good news, my foot healed and I these cupcakes didn’t go to my thighs.  Amen.

If you don’t crochet, but would like one of these, visit my Etsy shop.

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