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Expensive Items to Make at Home - the simple hive

We do what we can to be frugal in our home, much to the chagrin of the teen-aged girl who resides here.  If it were up to her, everything we own would be expensive, shiny and modern.  Our home is nothing like that.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  We live in an old house filled with antique furniture and simple, mostly handmade furnishings. Hubby and I love the fact our home has a unique look and feel.  It’s groovy.

I just said groovy.  I’m a hippie at heart.  It drives the teen girl crazy that I don’t like to shop, except at thrift stores and flea markets.  Shopping malls deflate me.  Even when I can find a restaurant that can accommodate our food allergies, they are too noisy and rushed.  I would much rather make something at home and enjoy it at my leisure with my family and a good movie.

Also, in yoga pants.  Don’t forget the yoga pants.

Many expensive foods are easy to make at home.  Many home décor items are simple to make with a few basics skills.  With a little practice and patience, you can save money and not have to get dressed up, fight traffic or wait in long lines.

Win, win, win!

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Sushi restaurants can be pricey.  Even store-bought sushi is expensive when compared to making your own.  Learn how to make your own sushi with this easy tutorial.

French macarons are a decadent swoon-worthy dessert.  The problem is, in my neck of the woods, I can only find them frozen and they are way out of my budget.  Also, I’m allergic to almonds so making my own nut-free macarons is the only option if I want these delicious confections.

Home Décor

Let’s talk chalk paint.  It’s all the rage.  But, it’s expensive!  At $30 a quart, it’s not something I can justify buying.  It would make Dave Ramsey sad if I splurged on such an easy to make item.  Since I want to make Dave happy, I make my own chalk paint and I love the results.

A living room wouldn’t be complete without a billion comfy throw pillows.  A basic, plain pillow can start at $12 at a discount store.  Crazy sauce!  They are the simplest things to make.  A sewing machine is helpful, but not necessary.  Use an old, tired-looking throw pillow and create an envelope to put it in and give it a completely different look.  You can even make your own pillow forms to whatever size your heart desires.  Get creative!

Window treatments can break the budget more quickly than any other home décor item.  One window alone might not be a problem, but we don’t just have one window in our home.  If you know how to sew a straight line, you can sew curtains.  Even if you don’t sew, there’s an option for you.  When I first began sewing, they were the first project I tackled.  Buy inexpensive fabric, or upcycle pretty bed sheets or table cloths to get those windows looking fabulous!


A bottle of cleaning solution doesn’t cost much, but multiply that times how many bottles used in a year and you can save a substantial amount of  money by making your own cleaning concentrate.  With this simple recipe, you can create an all-purpose spray and liquid fabric softener.

Ditch the dryer sheets (and the chemicals) with wool dryer balls.  They are easy to make and last forever.  Reload the scent with your favorite essential oils.

Goat’s milk soap is luxurious and healthy for your skin, but at $5 a bar, it’s too pricey to use on a regular basis.  Make your own goat’s milk soap in your Crock Pot and pamper your skin every day!

So, what are your favorite money-saving DIY projects?  Leave a comment so that I can share your great tips in future posts!


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