Solar Clothes Dryer aka Clothesline


Today is a sad day in the hive.

Our clothes dryer died.

I don’t how long I’ll be in mourning, but while I’m mourning the loss, I’ll only wear clothes that are black and shades of gray.  I’ll pretty much look the same as always, is what I’m saying.

Luckily for me, the hubby built a clothesline not long after we bought our house.  Problem solved.

We are in Central Texas, so if it had to happen, the death of the dryer was well-timed.

Depending on how much the repairs are for the dryer, or if we decide to buy a new one, we may be without a dryer for a while.  I have not been impressed with the life span of our 3 year-old washer.  It seems to have contracted an illness and is unable to drain and spin properly the first time around.  Poor thing.

If we need to use our clothesline into the summer, the good news is that a full load dries in 10 minutes.  (I’m making lemonade with all the lemons life continues to bless me with.)  That’s just enough time to slightly recover from the heat stroke I’ll suffer from hanging out the clothes.  See?  It all works so perfectly!

So, if you have a clothesline, or decide to build one because you’re green and love the earth and all, you will need these:

They are known by many names, but we found these in the camping/sporting goods department at Walmart.  They might be called clothesline, volleyball net or rope tightener.  I call mine Mary.

You can order them online here.

That’s all.  Now I’m off to bury the dryer.  Do you think it would mind if I used a refrigerator box for the casket?

3 thoughts on “Solar Clothes Dryer aka Clothesline

  1. You make me laugh. well I’m not a big laugher outlouder but I am grinning slightly and laughing on the inside!


    1. I’m the moderator. That makes me sound like the Terminator or something much cooler than I am. I was at a funeral today (not for the dryer) and didn’t check email unitl now.


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