DIY wood-burned spoons

DIYwood-burned spoons

Psst…..yes, you. Do you need a quick gift because you don’t have your act together and you don’t have a gift for your sweet Aunt’s birthday?  For those of you who said “yes”, stop talking to your computer. You will look a bit off your rocker to those who are blessed to be in your presence.

I’m not judging.

But if you need a gift in a hurry, for whatever reason, these are quick and easy. And pretty cute, if you ask me.  But you didn’t.


A few, plain wooden spoons and a wood burning tool is all you need.

And a pencil.

Plain wooden spoons, a wood burning tool and pencil are all you need.

(Is this post reminding you of The Jerk, yet?)

You’ll need some food-grade mineral oil if you want to seal them.  It’s optional, but I opted for it.

Plain wooden spoons, a wood burning tool, a pencil and mineral oil.  That’s really all you need.


Lightly trace out your design on the spoons with a pencil.

Use the wood burning tool to go over the pencil lines.  You can shade areas at this point.  When finished, rub food-grade mineral oil into the wood and wipe off.

after oiling
after oiling

That’s all there is to it!

mom's spoons

This is a set I made for my mom for Mother’s Day last year.  I didn’t have my act together then either.  No surprise there.

I’m going to watch The Jerk now.

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